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Janet and Arch Worsfold

"We do not fertilize with commercial products. All the nutrients our plants get come strictly from the Better Earth compost. We have tomato plants so big, we have to stake the baskets up with 2 x 4s and we had countless peony stems break this spring under the weight of the blooms. The arborvitae are a lush deep green, the Better Earth compost has transformed a single stem mum plant into a mass of flowers 30 inches across."


"Compared to previous years with commercial fertilizers, plants that grew in Better Earth grew faster, grew larger, looked healthier, and were more fruitful than ever before. The soil also looked richer and looser, and it held moisture better as a result of the compost.

At our garden’s peak we would get 20-25 pounds of vegetables each picking and we would pick three or four times a week. Our tomato plants grew to a height of about 10 feet. Five cucumber plants completely covered a four foot fence that was about 16 feet long. Our tomatoes and peppers kept producing until the first killing frost.

We planted new strawberries and transplanted raspberries right into the compost in a location that was supposed to be a little too shady for fruit. But the plants grew vigorously, multiplied abundantly, and produced fruit their first year!"

Tom and Jennifer Roth

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