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2024 Products & Price List 

All prices per cubic yard, tax included & only at Better Earth


A mixture of different organic ingredients blended together and processed into a rich, organic compost. Use in your flower gardens, vegetable gardens, yards, trees and bushes. Adds organic matter and loosens tight soils.


1/4 inch Turf Mix Compost $68.00

1/2 inch Compost $52.00

Better Earth Compost Bag $9.00



Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar $62.00

100% Eastern Red Cedar with a high oil content to help repel insects. A reddish tan color will fade to a light tan. If stirred or turned, the reddish color comes back. Long lasting, use 3 to 4 inches when mulching the first time. There after, add 1 to 2 inches yearly to keep beds fresh and attractive and to help with repelling insects.

Hardwood Mulch $44.00

Double shredded hardwood, age to a dark brown. Helps retain moisture and suppress weeds. 3 to 4 inches when mulching the first time. 1 to 2 inches yearly to keep beds fresh.

Colored Mulch $49.00

Brown Dyed Mulch

Black Dyed Mulch 

Red Dyed  Mulch 

Pine Bark Fines $78.00

Finely ground (3/4 inch minus) pine bark. Great for acidic loving plants. Dark brown to black in color.  3 to 4 inches when mulching the first time, 1 to 2 inches to  keep beds fresh.

Garden Mix $52.00

Our special blend of Better Earth Compost and sandy loam top soil "shovel ready" for your garden project. Great for raised beds, filling in holes, or wherever you need to add soil.

Topsoil $47.00

Rich black humus soil.

Disposal Rates

Yard waste/Ton $173

leaves, grass, tree trimmings, brush, and limbs under 4 inches. 

Wood waste/Ton $126

Small tree bases  4-8 inches. If yard waste is mixed with wood waste, it will be charged as yard waste.

Logs&Stumps/Ton $68

logs 8 inches or greater in diameter and no longer than 10ft, stumps must have dirt removed.  

Yard waste Bag/ $2

No plastic bags allowed

55 Gal trash can/$2

65 Gal trash can/$3

95 Gal trash can/$4

Minimum $10 fee driving over the scale. Checks made payable to Better Earth Compost.


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